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03 December 2007 @ 21:46
✣【 f o o t b a l l 】✣  

man, i could have gone on forever...

this won't mean anything to people who live outside of england, but i feel like i should give my two cents on the events of the past month. albeit, long overdue.

now, if you are one of the few people that actually "know" me, then you will know that i am a true sports nut, football  in particular, and i always like to see my team do well.

moving onto the disastrous night of 21-11-2007.  for a qualifying campaign that started so promising, you have to wonder where it all went wrong for england.   obviously, it's been a week or so, so i have gotten over it;  but as i went to watch  this shambolic  display, to say i was devastated is an understatement.

i hate to sound arrogant, but after getting the group we did, it's hard to explain why we didn't qualify in the first place.

we have decent enough players. but why couldn't they do the job? i would have bet my grandma that we would have made it to austria next summer for the euro's.

but at the end of the day, the over-paid prima-donna's were outclassed by a team that would find it difficult to make it up the ranks of the premiership.

they are a distinctly average side.

but i'm not knocking croatia, infact, fair play  to them for playing a fantastic  game of football, and their fans were great too --all 7000 of them got behind their team and out-sung the 80,000 england fans in the stadium.

that's pathetic!

croatia deserve to have finished top of the table, and i hope they progress far in the tournament.

as an england fan,  it pains me to say this, but... i think scotland should have qualified.

everybody had their hopes on england being (once again)  the only british team in the draw to represent the uk, but so many people seem to forget about scotland and what they achieved. they finished a respectable third behind the two teams that were in the world cup final--italy and france.

unlike england, the scottish players played with heart, and they wore their shirt with pride.  they loved to play for their country, whereas the england players were only bothered about how much money they would get.

infact, for losing against croatia, each player got over £100,000.

who makes up this shit? why should they get anything?

i was genuinely gutted for scotland. i watched their final game with italy, praying that they would win and qualify.

but, a bad mistake by a blundering referee cost them that opportunity to get their comeuppance over england.

they were up against the best team in the world, but still fought until the end.

one has to wonder what would have happened if england and scotland drew opposite groups --scotland sure to qualify, england would have lost 8-0 to the Italians...

that's one of the many problems with england; they can't handle the pressure and expectation the whole country puts on them.

the media are the worst.

you constantly read in the tabloids: "england have the team to win euro 2008",
"can england emulate the success of 1966 fourty years later?"
 "england will thrash croatia",  etc.

and when they don't live up to what the media make them out to be, everybody goes hysterical and burns effergies of the players and manager.

well, speaking of the media, i thought i'd post this very apt image:

a deflated football. fuck england.